Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Medical Woes

This is going to be about girly bits so if you are someone who does not like to read about that kind of thing just skim on by. 

I went to the doctor the other day for a 2nd opinion. I have had an ultrasound and a MRI done of my uterus to see if they could find my IUD. I have had the IUD for almost 5 years and that is when they need to come out. My first doctor ordered the tests but never really got back to me about the results or what the next step would be. I called a couple of times and left messages but no response. That is when I decided to get a 2nd opinion. She was kind enough to read me what the other doctor had in the notes.

I have a fibroid that is about 3.5 centimeters. It is probably obscuring the IUD but they are not sure.

I need outpatient surgery to do a couple of things and depending on the results maybe a couple of more things. Here are the problems...

1) The outpatient surgery center will not do my surgery since my BMI is over 40. No mention about the fact that 5 years ago they did it NO problem. These must be new regulations. *GAG*

2) My doctor can not do the surgery at her hospital since it is a Catholic one. If she wants to put in an IUD that is *gasp* birth control and can not be done.

I may have to go to a 3rd doctor who is associated with a non Catholic hospital to be able to get the simplest thing done which is a D&C, removal of my IUD and inserting another IUD

Other options on the table are:
a) Try to remove the Fibroid
b) Try to do an ablation
c) Tubal
d) Partial Hysterectomy (hopefully laparscopicly, but maybe have to be cut open) It would depend on what happens when I go under.

Of course b and c are considered 'birth control' and can not be done at the Catholic Hopital. D I think could be because it would be considered something that is for bleeding. Of course D is the most invasive and could have more thing go wrong.

So the 2nd doctor is going to do her research and get back with me 5-7 days. I so do not like waiting. I really just want to get this done. I am really tired of Aunt Flo. Each time it is just alittle bit worse. It was good for about 2-3 years after the first D&C but has been slowly getting worse and worse. *sighs* It affects all aspects of my life when she visits. I just want to do something that will make it better.

Any suggestions? Ideas? Words of Wisdom? Words of Comfort?