Saturday, October 15, 2011

I am disappointed in myself

Today I walked for the Cure in Lexington Kentucky. There were so many people and it was a great time. Pretty cool because of the wind but a very nice day. No rain which was really nice.

The are a couple of different reasons why I am disappointed in myself.

- I have not been to the Y since before going on vacation (over a week ago)
- I have not been recording my food.
- I am mindless eating and getting trigger foods when shopping.

But. The biggest reason I am disappointed in myself is because I did not go for the 5K today. I stopped after 1 mile. I am just kicking myself for not going on. The reasons I stopped seem so minor. I was going at a good speed. I was feeling good. I had to go the bathroom slightly but nothing that could not wait. I basically scared myself out of going on.

I will put this behind me and move on. Next walk I will do the complete 5K.


  1. Aw sorry to hear that youre disappointed. I didn't even know there was a walk in Lexington.. at least you managed to get yourself pumped enough to go and walk that mile. I dont have it in me to walk one out of intimidation. Silly, I know... but anyway, you can always look back and remember how much you really want to do it and on that next walk, you'll be all good :0)

  2. From all the posts I read about how dedicated to this you are, I had to stop and read this because I was amazed to see it. Your positive attitude is what inspires me and gets me so excited to see you succeeding. Do not get disappointed. Look at how far you have come and get reinspired in yourself. Every step you take forward, whether it be a mile or a 5k, is still a step forward and you should be proud!!!! <3

  3. It's OK to be disappointed in yourself, but it's more important to get back up on that horse! I know you will do are such an inspiration to me!! Keep up the good work!!!

  4. @Carbie Girl A local store in town has a great calendar of runs/walks in and around central KY.

    It it amazing how many walks there are around the area.

    I totally understand about intimidation. I am still so worried about being last.

  5. Don't worry about being last! You're still AHEAD of everybody who is just sitting on the couch!!!
    Being disappointed in yourself is one thing and it's ok just make sure it motivates you to DO MORE!

  6. Okay, water under the bridge. Use the disappointment you feel in yourself to spur you on with everything you want to do now. I'm rooting for you:)