Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Change can be good

Today my department finished moving to a new area of the building. I realized that because of the move I am further away from the bathroom. I went from being about 20 steps to now being 100 steps away. This may not seem like a lot, but it is if you are on a diuretic. I can go to the bathroom about 5-7 times a day.  I am just going to think of this as being an easy way to increase my step count. Before it would only be about 200 steps in a day and now it can be about 1000! A simple desk move has made it so I get more movement in my day. This is a good thing. Still trying to determine if the other parts of the moves are good things or not.

I peeked at the scale this morning and it registered 11lbs higher than what it was on Friday. 11 LBS!!! What is up with that? I know I did not eat 35,000 calories extra over the weekend. All I can figure is that I had way too much salt over the weekend. I am not going to get on the scale again till Friday. I also should measure again since it has been about 1 month. I know I have lost some inches.

Saturday I had my Tai Chi class and it was so much fun. My knee started to protest on the last move we learned since it includes a hop. It will get better though.

Sunday I walked about 1 mile outside. I have just been making myself get up and do things. I am getting better at scheduling and sticking to the exercise. I know that if I talk myself out of it one day I will be able to slip back into old habits. Today I so thought about not going to water aerobics but I went. I enjoyed myself and got a really good workout in. We had a different instructor because Cee is still on vacation. It was different. Sometimes it is nice to have someone different. We worked different muscle groups. It was probably just as intense as when Cee leads the class but in a different way.

Sometimes I feel like I am 'getting it'. I am working out and eating healthy. I love how I am feeling and look forward to another day at the gym. These past couple of days have so not been like that though. I ate out too much. I exercised but I do not feel like I gave it my all. I could have so let the scale this morning push me down even further. I didn't and I am proud about that. I need to concentrate on the good things and not let the other things drag me down.

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  1. I often have jumps that cannot be explained by the math of calories in vs. calories out and, yes, I can let the scale impact my mood. Hate that. Hang in there.