Thursday, March 24, 2011

My food diary in pictures

I decided to take some pictures of my food diary notebook to let you see more days of what I write down right now. So for the past 5 days here are my stats.

The end total is about 1650 due to not knowing what dinner was and guessing on the Target popcorn. I missed recording my blood sugar and my blood pressure before bed.  Sorry this one is not that readable. The first column is the calorie count for the item and the 2nd column is the running total.

As you can see I use some short hand for my food when I eat some things pretty regularly. 

This one was posted earlier when I was talking about my eating plan.

3-23. I decided to show off my hand holding my book in this one. *grins* Another day within my goal. Doing good! 
 3-24 And then tonight was the bowling banquet with catering from Fazoli's. YUM! I am not sure about the totals but based on things in the past with pasta I went over my goal of under 1800 but doubt I was over 2500

And to end here is a picture of one of my 4 cats. Her name is Serendipity and she is the hardest one to get a good picture of.

Now it is time for bed.


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