Monday, June 27, 2011

Pictures are worth 1000 words

I have a picture from April and one that I took recently. Based on the numbers there is about a 20 lb difference in the 2 months. I am not sure I see it, but LM states she does. I can tell some in the face but that is about it. I so do not like pictures.  LM was kind enough to put the pictures side by side. At least I am smiling in the 2nd picture. The one in the swimsuit is from April and the one outside is from June.

Now for some pictures that I really like. I work to pay the mortgage for my cats. I have 4.

This is my oldest at about 16 years old. His name is Mr Melodie Man. When I got him from the humane society I was told he was a return and that he was a she. That is where he got the name Melodie. On the 3rd vet visit I was advised that I had a male kitty. Then his full name became Mr Melodie Man.

Next up is Dustbunnie. She is about a year younger than Melodie. She is our pudgy curmudgeon. She is also another humane society adoption. She is the heaviest of the 4 but can move when she wants like when she has a mouse.

Last up are a brother and sister named Strife and Serendipity. He perfectly named cause he brings such strife at times into our life. We call him our slow and special kitty at times. He just lives life to his own special music. He is such a lovable kitty. 

Serendipity is his sister. At one time I was feeding the strays outside and we caught the mother and picked these 2 up at the same time. I think they were about 3 weeks old when we brought them inside.

She is a sweety but if you visit you probably will never see her or Strife. They do not like guests much and will run and hide. She also does not like to be held but loves to be brushed.

So those are my 4 babies. They deserve alittle face time on my blog.


  1. @Karen@WaistingTime Thank you. When we took the first pictures in April I thought I was smiling.

  2. Hi Denise, I can see a difference in the two pictures and more than just your face. You're doing great. Good luck with your journey.