Friday, September 30, 2011

Wow, a graph again

It is Friday weigh in day and the graph is below.

I have 4 weeks to lose 14.5 lbs to make my original goal to be 250lbs by my 40th birthday. For me I do not think it is possible. I am very much ok with this thought. I am modifying my goal to be 225 by 2/25. I think the new goal is kinda catchy! Sometimes for me it is about the numbers. I just can not let it be all about the number on the scale.

With that being said I am realizing my blog title is not really fitting. I am Yapping but not really about weight loss. The blog post the other day by Waisting Time: Whats in a name got me to think about wanting to change my blog name again. I just do not know what to change weight loss to. I know I want to keep YAPS. I just adore the acronym. But what am I really yapping about?

In other news I have worked out every day for the past 6 days:

Saturday: 1mi walk for the health and soul fair. It had only about 20 people and I was dead last. I still finished though! I walked with LM from: 146 TShirts.
Sunday: 30 minutes on the elliptical at the Y
Monday: 30 minutes on the elliptical at the Y
Tues: 60 minutes water aerobics. I used the 8lb weights!
Wednesday: Pilates class. I bumped it up a notch and went to the Int/Adv class. I am still sore. I was surprised at how much I was able to do.
Thursday: Bowling. Yes I really think it counts as exercise.
Friday: Elliptical again for 30 minutes. This time I tried the variety program instead of interval.

Tomorrow I have pilates in the morning. Then I will see if LM wants to do some cardio at the Y. Maybe even a nice relaxing soak to reward myself after working out all week. I am debating about taking Sunday off.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Would you rather?

Have you ever played the game Would you Rather? I have had a question that would almost fit for this game running around in my head for the past couple of days.

Would you Rather?

Be a size 4 and die at the age of 44?
Be a size 24 and die at the age of 84?

All other things (health wise) would be equal.

My thoughts have spiraled to dark and not so pleasant places. This is one reason I have not been blogging lately. I have had some great adventures. (signing up for the health challenge for city, body and soul walk and health fair, water aerobics, pilates, and other things) My problem is that my thoughts keep centering on the negative things. The eating that is not in control. The scale not moving. The good chance that I will not make my goal of being 250lb by my 40th birthday. This is the big elephant in the blog. The little ticker at the top that counts down to my failure. Who cares that I am off some medications and others have been lowered? Who cares that I can go up a flight of stairs without being winded? Who cares that my clothing is still becoming too big even if the scale has not moved?

OK, I CARE! Now I just need to move on. I so need to make a joy chart. I need to record the encouragement I have received from friends, family and strangers. I need to document the positive changes I have done. This way when my brain goes to go down the dark and depressing path I can create the detour and get back on the healthy path. I am stronger and healthier than I was in January. I will continue to change and grow.  Self pep-talk over. Tonight is water aerobics!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Scale about the same.

I have been hovering around the same 5 pounds now for about 2 months now. It has got me thinking about my goals and my health. There is a post slowly forming about this. For now though I have a graph and some numbers for you.

 By the Numbers:

Weight: 267.1 lbs

Loss: -4.4lbs from last week, but still up 1.3 from my lowest on 8/12.

Total: -60.9 lbs

Avg: 1.85 lbs/wk (at this rate I will not make my weight goal)   


I was complimented on Saturday about my strength in Pilates.
I moved up to 8lbs in water aerobics.
I did another 1- Mile fun walk and did a 22 min mile.
I have been working out 4-6 times a week consistently and it has become a priority. 

Now it is time to get ready and head to work! Hope everyone has a great day. Any plans fo the weekend? Mine include pilates and maybe a movie. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

Not enough hours in the day

Once again life has cut into my blogging time. I am still reading and very much enjoying the blogs that I am following at this time. I have such a wide range of bloggers that I read. Very different perspectives.

So you might be wondering what has been going on in my life. In no particular order:

I was on vacation over Labor Day weekend. We drove the 7 hours down on Wednesday and drove back on Monday. It was a very fun trip. I found a Y that was 2 miles from the hotel and went and worked out 3 days (Wed, Thurs and Friday). I did not track my eating. I know I ate more than I have been but did not do a vacation free for all that I have done in the past. It was not snack-a-palooza! This is a relaxacon I have been going to for 14 years. It is where I pretend I am in my 20's again.  I stay up most of the night and live on caffeine and sugar. I had a blast but came home and promptly came down with a double ear infection. This was due to really not being in my 20's anymore as well as the quick switch to Fall with the drop of about 30 degrees in a day.

I have been moving more. Each night it seems I have some form of exercise planned. Heck a friend even talked me into taking a pilates class at 7:30am on Saturday! It is for 8 weeks. I missed the first class since I was on vacation. I did go on the 10th. After I had to go home and get LD so we could go to the Baseball stadium for the walk for MS. I was there for support and to see what time I could do a mile. LD raised money for the walk and got a t-shirt. Our next walk is on Sept 24th. It is another mile fun walk and health fair.  

Body and Soul Health Fest and Walkathon Sept. 24

Example of my workouts right now:
Monday: Tai Chi class (about 1 hour)
Tuesday: Water Aerobics (about 1 hour)
Wednesday: Pilates (about 1 hour)
Thursday: Bowling (fun and exercise!)
Friday: Water Aerobics (about 1 hour)
Saturday: Pilates (about 1 hour) and sometimes a mile walk depending on scheduling.
Sunday: REST! Or more like nothing formal scheduled but moving more than I use to.

My Tai Chi class ends next week and I am not going to take the next session. I need to change it up some I think. The Health Department is also starting a challenge that I am thinking about signing up for:

2011 Weight Loss Challenge

The sign up is Sept 20th between 5:30-9. We can get to the sign up after water aerobics. They are going to be offering free aerobic classes on Tues and Thursday. Also they will have an on-site weight room open M-F 5:30-8:45pm and on Sat 10am-2pm. They are going to have a personal trainer there. I am hoping that in a smaller setting with some personal attention I can start a strength training routine. I know that is really the next thing I need to add to keep improving my health. Right now I do not have the money to hire a personal trainer.

In 5 months I was able to earn enough points so that in March 2012 I will get top pay out from my work wellness program. Woohoo!! I am going to see if I can earn over 70 points. Right now I am at 56 points.

Well that is my life lately in a nutshell. I so wish there were more hours in a day. I do feel that I am making exercise a priority in my life and this is a very good thing.