Monday, October 3, 2011

I have a waist!

Last picture update I mentioned that I could not see progress. Others could, but I just could not see it. But today a picture is worth 1000 words.  The 1st picture is from June 26th and the 2nd is from Sept 30th.

I really see a difference in my face and waist. My cheeks and double chin are not as pudgy. I can see daylight between my arms and side. I really think the Pilates is causing the change in my waist. As the muscles get toned/stronger the waist is becoming more defined. I think it is quite interesting that the previous pictures were 2 months and 20 lbs. (April-June) and I could not really see the progress. This time the pictures are 3 months and only 10lbs but I see major changes.

Tomorrow I am heading with my mom and stepdad to North Myrtle Beach for VACATION!! I am so excited. I plan to bring some healthy breakfasts and snacks. I know I will be eating out more and hope to not stress about it. I have checked out the pictures of the weight room at the hotel and it should be good. The closest Y is about 10 miles away in Myrtle Beach and charges $5/day so I am not sure if I will get to go. I did print out a class list just in case. There is also a facility in North Myrtle Beach but they have a $15/day rate.  I do not think that is worth it. I will be doing a bunch of wave jumping and hanging out in the ocean so that will be great exercise. I hope to get some pictures and maybe some will have me in them. (and not just my feet). I have noticed I am not as camera shy as I once was.

Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. Have a wonderful vacation and ENJOY't stress over the diet too much. Tell your Mom I said hello!

  2. You're looking fantastic! Love those progress pics!!!

  3. I can definitely see a difference -- of course, I saw a difference the last time too. And it definitely shows that you've been working on the toning aspect as well. And I think too that your wardrobe helps - I bet it would be more difficult to really see if if you'd worn the exact same clothes (which don't fit you anymore, right? yay new wardrobe!)
    Very good work.
    I read in a more recent post that you feel disappointed in yourself, and that's understandable when you have to deal with details. I say you think a bit more on the changes that these two pics represent - not just physical but the mental ones as well. Every challenge is a lesson in disguise :-)