Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Brushes off the dust on this thing

The past couple of months have been brought to you by high processed foods and lack of exercise. About November my get up and go got up and went. It left me in a funk that I am slowly coming out of. I have been paralyzed with fear to write and fear to start exercising again. The why bother gene has kicked into high gear. I am starting to kick it to the curb. I miss working out and getting sweaty. I miss getting stronger. I am just finding it really hard to get started again. The following is what I have done in the past couple of weeks to ease back into exercising and eating healthy again.

1) I am not Catholic but I really like the idea of Lent and giving up something. This year I gave up chocolate and Fast food. My definition of fast food has been a restaurant where I can talk to a clown, or someplace I do not tip. It has been hard but getting easier. There is 2 more weeks to go. I have been enjoying other sweet things instead of chocolate like homemade larabars and vanilla ice cream when I have been wanting something sweet.

2) In the past 2 weeks I have walked home 3 times from work. It is about 1 mile and takes me about 28 minutes. The first time I did it I was in PAIN for about 3 days after. Yesterday was really good and I am not feeling pain today.

3) LM and I joined a Sunday Pilates class. We missed last week but I plan to not miss anymore.

4) This is the one I am most excited and most scared about. My Y is now offering a night TRX class. I saw the message on facebook and quickly called to sign up. I will be taking TRX for 4 weeks starting Tuesday April 3rd. Of course once I signed up the doubts started. Oh boy did they start. I paid money for this class though and I am not going to let it stop me!


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