Monday, August 29, 2011

I am still here

I just have not felt like writing much. Been in a bit of a funk that has been hard to get out of. Each time I sit down to start a post something comes up or I stare at the blank screen and freeze. Today I am just going to bullet point it and hopefully after I get back from vacation the words will flow.

  • Workouts have been going really well. Tai Chi and Pilates have been great. We went over to another Y for water Aerobics since our pool was closed. WIN for trying something new. It was not our instructor or anything like the class we have come to love.
  • My scale has stayed the same for about a month now. 
  • I can tell I am getting stronger and clothing is still fitting better
  • My eating is at times getting out of hand. I am just not eating healthy. 
On Saturday I did 1 mile at the Walk for the Fallen. I was not last but pretty close. LM found a quote that I am trying to ingrain. It goes something like this: "I may be last, but I am ahead of everyone who is still in bed". I have to think that way or I will not do it.

This is a picture of me at the Walk. I am also noticing that I am not focusing on my weight in pictures. The first thing I noticed when looking at this one was that I had very squinty eyes. I know it had to do with the sun. The 2nd thing I noticed was how flat my hair was looking.

We were asked to look thru a book of all that have died and pick a name to walk for. I did not find anyone with my last name, but I did find someone with my mom's maiden name. So that is who I picked. After the walk I went and found out more about the young man I had picked.

1st Lt Adam G Mooney

I was proud to walk for him and the others who have died.


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