Saturday, November 5, 2011

Saturday Exercise

Today I had my 2nd Pilates class at Bliss Holistic Wellness Center in Lexington Kentucky. It is at a more reasonable hour (10:30am) than the session at the Y (7:30am) that I finished 2 weeks ago. I got a great deal with Groupon where I paid $22 for 5 classes. Today K had us using the ring during class. I have a love/hate relationship with the Magic Circle. It is great because it gets me to concentrate and center. I have a focus point to help make sure what needs to stay steady does and what is moving is the only thing moving. I hate it because of the same reason. I have to modify some of the exercises at time and K is very good at advising on modifications. One big problem I have is knee pain when kneeling. I am thinking I might have to find out what is out there that might help. I do not like not being able to kneel.

So with the hour class today and the 30 minutes yesterday I am only 4.5 hours away from the 100 hour club. I started in April. This means that in 8 months I got 100 hours of exercise in. That is an average of 12.5 hours (750 minutes) a month. Woohoo!! I wonder if I could join again in December and try for another year. I would only have 7 months to get the 100 hours since I would have to finish by June 30th 2012. I could wait till January and then have the full year to complete the 100 hours. I would have to average about 14.5 hours a month to finish in 7 months. Just something to think about.

Time to get on with my Saturday and also think about what I want to get food shopping tomorrow. I need to figure out things to take to work and cut out the eating fast food. Goal for next week is fast food at most twice.

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  1. Wow - - we're now down to fast food - - 0 times per week. Cutting income in 1/2 SUCKS!! LOL
    Be gentle with yourself! (((HUGS)))
    ~ Min