Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weekend Recap

On Saturday LM and I went to Lexington Athletic Club to participate in Cardio for Comfort. They were raising money for Hospice. I do not know the numbers but I am betting at least 100 people participated.  The big plan was to take 4-30 minutes classes and have some fun. We did 2 classes and had great fun. We were both very tired after Hi-Lo Aerobics and then Zumba. I did stay and watch some of the boot camp class and really glad I did not take it. I would not have been able to keep up. We went upstairs and checked the door prize table. LM won a T-shirt and then they mentioned that there was an envelope attached. Once LM opened it up she found out that she had one 6 months free. WOW!! I got 3 personal training sessions and since I am not a member they upped the prize to include a free month. We shall see what happens after the free time. We were discussing the what ifs about joining if we find out we like it. Would we want to keep both gym memberships? - probably. What would we consider getting our money's worth if we did join LAC? - going at least 5 times a month. (5 classes) It is something to think about.

We really enjoyed the atmosphere at LAC. The people were very welcoming and friendly. The 2 classes had instructors that gave good options and did not talk down to people. One big thing they pushed was that if you did not get the movements then just keep moving. Doing something is better than stopping. In the Hi-Lo class the instructor gave a range of movements that could be done for some of the exercises so you could increase or lower the intensity as needed. The place had a really great feel.

The rest of Saturday was errands, resting and movie watching. JD and I went and saw The Immortals at Movie Tavern where we also had dinner. I had a pretty good Avocado Pita with Lettuce, Onion and Cucumber.

Today I decided that I was going to do Week 2 Day 1 of my strength training workout. It is the same exercises as WK 1 Day 1. You decrease the reps, increase the sets by 1 and decrease the rest time by 15 seconds. I also increased from a 5lb dumbbell to the 8lb. I could feel it this time. I think this week I am going to be doing the routine Sun/Tues/Friday.  I am very proud of the fact that I am continuing with the program.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day. I probably will not get to record my weigh in till late in the day but I will weigh in when I first get up. JD starts his new schedule tomorrow. Instead of working 2pm-10:45pm he is now going to be working 5:30am-2pm. We have 1 car so I have to get up and drive him. The interesting thing is that the Y opens at 5:30 am. Tomorrow LM and I are going to see what it is like to go work out at 5:30am. I figure I can do 30 minutes on the Elliptical. I also plan to go to Bliss Wellness tomorrow night for a 6pm Pilates class.

I am making time for me. Scheduling around exercise is becoming the default instead of everything else before exercise. I like this change.


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