Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The beat goes on!

I have realized that my solo cardio workouts go much easier if I have 2 gadgets.

1st: My MP3 Player

The music makes the elliptical go round! When I have a great play list with fun songs I can just groove and increase my speeds. Last night the battery in my MP3 player died and it made the workout that much harder. I was so not interested in working out and when it died I basically gave up. I ended with about a 25 minute workout using the treadmill and the elliptical. All I can say is that I got some exercise in.

2nd: My Heart Rate Monitor

My best investment was changing the battery in my heart rate monitor. It was so cheap but it has made a world of difference. I am able to walk on the treadmill and not hold on to the sensors which I think has increased my speed. I am willing to jog now that I can monitor my heart rate.  It is so cool that the Precor brand machines at the Y register the signal. I love seeing my heart rate. The only annoying thing is when my workout is not going well and my heart rate shows it. Last night I only got to the lower end of my range for most of my workout. I know supposedly that is the 'fat burning' zone, but I want my heart rate to be up in the 140's when I exercise. That is one reason I do interval on the treadmill and the elliptical. I push to have my heart rate up for about 2 minutes and then 2 minutes of slight recovery. I do this about 5-10 times. Last night even with interval I could not seem to get my heart rate up. I know some days will be like this but I really hope they are few and far between.

In other news: 
I received a blog award from Karen at Waisting Time. I am still composing my post about the award and thinking up 7 things to say about myself. If you have anything you would like to know about me now is the time to ask!


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