Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursday NSVs

Now for some NSVs

1) I did 27 hours in 2 months per the Y 100-hour club log. That is over the 11 hours/month I need to get the 100 hours before the end of 2011. I might even be able to finish by the end of November. I already have 5 hours for the month of June.

2) My cardio health is getting better. Monday night on the treadmill my heart rate was staying under 135 even when I was pushing up the speed. (target is 90-153) I had to increase the incline to get my heart rate up some. It use to be that on the interval program I would go up to about 150 bpm when I did the program as set. (2 minutes 0 incline/2.6 speed and 2 minutes 3 incline/2.4 speed) I still feel that my pace is SLOW. I am also still trying to get the courage to jog more. I also need to remember to wear my heart rate monitor. I got the battery changed for a reason.

3) I am also getting stronger. In Pilates last night I was able to (with alittle forced momentum) do the roll up (like a sit up) I felt like I was having such a hard time last night during that class and then I just went for it and was able to do it. I did not let my mental 'I can't' talk keep me from it,.

4) I have lost about 2 inches in my waist.

5) After about a week of not recording my food I have been consistently recording for the past 5 days.

I am thinking about going to a Free yoga class on Sunday that happens every 2nd Sunday in town. I am so looking for free/cheap group exercises or fun things to do. A discount deal today from Pete's Deals is to get 10 boot camp classes for $40. The 2 things that keep me from purchasing the deal are: Time (6am) and location (totally across town) I did have a fleeting thought that I am not ready, but the main reasons are the 2 above. It is just not logistically feasible. Maybe another deal with come along that will work. I do like that right now I am doing 3 different classes a week: Water Aerobics, Pilates, and Tai Chi.

What are some exercises/classes you enjoy? How do you change up your routine?


  1. Awesome!!! I miss going to group classes but it doesn't fit into my life right now. I'm looking forward to finally riding my bike outside again when this heat wave breaks.

  2. @Karen@WaistingTime I am thinking about getting a bike. I remember loving to ride when I was a kid. I just need to figure out what kind and if I have the money!