Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Weigh In

With seeing the 11lb gain in 4 days I did not think today would show a loss. I had a feeling it would still be up. I know I have had some stress lately that is affecting my food choices. Last night we were in the grocery store and I saw a king sized snickers bar and gave thought to buying it and eating it in secret. If I had been by myself I just might have done it. I have driven by fast food places thinking that I could get something and eat it quickly in the car then get home and hide the trash and noone would know. I am still trying to work thru where this is stemming from.

By the Numbers

Weight:  280.8 lbs

Gain: +2.6 lbs

Total: -47.2 lbs 

Avg: 2.36 lbs/wk

Other than my eating not being more mindful things are going good. I have still been working out. I did twist my knee alittle bit on Wed. I am looking forward to my walk for Diabetes tomorrow.

Now it is time to get some breakfast and get ready for work.


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