Thursday, June 16, 2011

It really must have shrunk in the wash

Or an observation on NSV Thursday.

My shirts use to feel 'too short'. They would come up and show my belly if I raised my hands over my head. I use to rationalize that the dryer must have been too hot and they had shrunk some. I know a couple of my shirts did shrink but not all of them. I was really self-concious about the fit and would be pulling/tugging them down all day.

Now I am wearing a size smaller (3X down to 2X, 26/28 down to 22/24) and I am not having the ride up problem. The shirts are hitting at my hips or at times lower. I can almost use the 3X as a big sleep shirt now. I do not have as much up top or in my belly taking up all the room in the material.

I am still checking on the fit though. I catch myself when I move making sure that my belly is not showing. Each time I am rewarded with a feeling of wow my shirt is still where it should be. It is nice to not have to do the Trinny and Suzannah trick every day. (have someone tug on the shirt to 'lengthen it'. )

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