Thursday, June 30, 2011

4 NSVs and a Pain (NSV Thursday)

1) I finished my 12 week Tai Chi class on Saturday. I only missed one class and that was because I went to the Step Out Walk. I really need to practice more. I have signed up to take the beginner class again and it starts on Monday July 11th.

2) I was ok with posting my pictures on my blog. I may not have been happy about it but I did it anyway. I still should get some more pictures up on facebook.

3) I know I have more energy and I think I am needing less sleep. We have one car and 3 people in the household. JD and I work at the same place but my schedule is 8-5 and his is 2-10:45. I have to come back and get him at the end of his shift. This means I am really not getting to bed till about 11:30 or 12. The alarm goes off at 6:20 and I use to hit the snooze 3-5 times. Now I am getting up after 1-2 snoozes and sometimes I do not even hit the snooze. I am also taking less naps.

4) I submitted an application to participate in a weight loss blog challenge that starts on July 11th. I have not heard back yet. Once I hear back either way I will post more about it. I am still debating about doing the  Beat the Heat 10 week challenge. It starts on July 4th. I think trying to do both would be problematic so I need to wait till I hear back on my submission.

My  biggest problem lately has been aches and pains. I have arthritis in my knees and at times they give me fits. Last night was one such time. I came downstairs about 3am because of the pain. I would turn over in bed and bend my knee which would wake me up. I took some OTC meds and decided that I could not get back up the stairs. Luckily we have a guest bedroom downstairs where I can crash. I am doing this more often than I would like. I am also having some shoulder and elbow pain. None of these feel like somthing major, but I think they are holding me back at times.

One More Thing: LM went with me to pilates last night! It was nice having someone else going thru the torture experience the class with me. I really like the instructor. She is very clear and gives modifications to help those who are just starting out. LM is also going to try water aerobics. We went to Target last night and she got a bathing suit and I got a new tankini to go with the swimshorts I got a couple of weeks ago. The cool thing is that it was on clearance- SCORE! There was a 1-piece on clearance but I could not fit it. I did think about getting it for later in the season since it was only $10. I might go back later and pick it up. I am not usually a big fan of Target for clothing but they have been really good for swimwear.

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  1. Sounds like things are going well:) Except for that darn pain, of course.