Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Weigh In

I started this post this morning before work and had plans to finish when I came home at noon. I took a 1/2 day today. I love only working 1/2 days. Well I did not get back to the post till now. (8:30pm) Today has been a good day. I still have more things to do. now to my Weigh in Post

Lets start of with 2 things that I purchased yesterday. Once again I am on the hunt for a swim suit and made a purchase from Dick's sporting goods.

It is called a Dolfin Women's Conservative Scoop Back Swimsuit. I had a 10% off code and it qualified for free shipping. Now I just have to wait till it gets here. I am really trying to find a style that I like that I can find regularly when I need to purchase another suit. I did look at speedo but nothing on sale was in my size. I got this one in a 22. The bottom 1/2 of the 2 piece I have been wearing has started to wear thin. Chlorine so does a number on cheaper swimsuits. I know I need to get some good cleaning solution to help increase the life of my suit. For the swimmers out there what do you do to keep increase your suit's life?

I also ordered a BlackHawk 100oz Hydration System in black from A friend from work got one and I got to look at it some before I decided on buying it. Well really I ordered it from the store since the Warehouse and Corp offices are in town. I went and picked it up this afternoon. It is on Clearance- Score! These things can run up to $100 and this is on clearance for $30. I think it will really help on the bike rides that I am starting to do. I just need to have the weather get alittle cooler. Right now we are in a heat advisory till Saturday. 

Now on to the numbers. I am not showing much change in the scale but I can tell a difference again in how my clothes are fitting. This is a very good thing. I wore a shirt yesterday (size 26/28) that has to be retired to become a night shirt now. It was just billowy. 
By the Numbers
Weight: 269.6 lbs

Loss: -0.5 lbs
Total: 58.4 lbs

Avg: 2.16 lbs/wk

I did not get as many workouts in this week and I think that impacted my loss. I am also having a hard time on the weekends. I know that I need to get back to more of a 90/10 instead of like 75/25 that I have been doing on my eating. Fast food has been creeping in again. Today I had McDonalds and Rallys. Better choices than I use to do, but still it is fast food. It gives me something to work on this weekend and next week.


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