Friday, July 29, 2011

No graph today.

At this point I have been basically the same weight for a month.

Am I surprised? No

Am I disappointed? Slightly

Am I annoyed? YES

Am I going to let it get me down: NO! 
On 7/8 I was 270.5 and today I at 270.5. My weight loss has stalled and I am looking for ways to mix things up again. I need to get back on track with food tracking. I may not be seeing changes on the scale but I am feeling changes. I am stronger and my clothes are fitting better/differently. My size 22/24s are starting to SAG. I am feeling like my exercise is part of a routine and not something that I just have to do. I am making time for it and making it a priority. This is a great thing. I love that I asked to be pushed harder at Pilates. The scale will move down again. I have other things that I measure and each one has improved this week. I worked out every night. (Tai Chi/Water Aerobics/Pilates/Elliptical/Water Aerobics) I am still very much aware of my abs from Pilates. 

Any ideas of things I could do to mix things up? Anyone in the area of Lexington KY like to meet up?


  1. I'm in Lexington and would be happy to have a new workout buddy! I know of several free zumba classes around town if you'd like to give it another try.

  2. @sorryaboutyourweightI would like to try zumba again and FREE is always good. :) I was not sure if you were in Lexington or not. I have also been thinking about a road trip to Louisville for Katie's Zumba class.