Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday NSVs

I got my new size 22 bathing suit on Tues and wore it for class that night. I LOVED it! I think I have finally found a keeper and a style to buy in the future when it wears out or I need a smaller size. I also think it will last longer than some of the other ones I have had. It is a Dolfin Women's conservative scoop back swimsuit that I got online from Dick's Sporting Goods. Going into Dick's sporting goods intimidates me. The times I have gone in have not been the greatest. The employees were not that helpful or nice. I did like being able to purchase online though.

Last night at beginner Pilates it was just the teacher and one other person. The guy is a regular who usually stays for the advanced class. I asked for more torture intensity since there were no others in the class. I wanted to find out if I could maybe handle the advanced class since I have been going pretty regularly now. She said I have really good form and she can tell I have gotten better. She was willing to increase some and I am so feeling it today. It is a good feeling!

What are some of your Non-Scale Victories this week?

I am finding it hard to define what would be considered a non-scale victory. One easy one to mention is when I increase time/distance/resistance/weight when exercising. I love reading NSVs from others because it helps me to define new goals and also to recognize achievements I have done.


  1. I had several exercise NSVs. Our TV that we watch while doing cardio died so that totally changed things up and I still managed to put in the time without it. Also, I started jogging intervals again:) Another NSV - I ate dinner out and had a reasonable meal and did not pre or post cheat. That is big for me!

  2. To me, anytime someone notices the work I've put into changing my life is an NSV. It might be a comment from a co-worker about your new clothes (since your old ones don't fit!), or your Pilates instructor saying you have really good form. Doing this stuff for yourself is fine, and very important, but it's feels really good to be noticed. See you Monday! -- Susan