Friday, May 20, 2011

5-20 Weigh In

I had to check the scale 3 times. Each time it had the same thing. The bloat last week from my TOTM is definitely gone. I am almost scared to record the weigh in here because I can not believe the amount. I keep thinking something must be wrong with the scale. I have never had a week like this before. Slow and steady has been my plan. The general guidelines of 1-2 lbs a week is what set my goals. I was feeling that I was being ambitious with my average set at about 1.9 lbs per week. This would get me the 78 lbs in the 41 weeks I had till my 40th birthday. As of today I am 18 weeks in and my average is at 2.73 lbs a week. I am already at the target I set for 6/21. This is 1 month ahead of my goal schedule. I am excited and scared. OK to the numbers.

 By the Numbers:

Weight: 278.8 lbs

Loss: -8.2 lbs

Total: -49.2 lbs

Avg: 2.73 lbs/week 

Time to get ready for work and make it thru Friday! I am ready for the weekend. Last night I had some fun and went to see Thor. I was full from dinner so I did not get the usual popcorn and diet soda. Sunday JD and I plan to go see Pirates and I will have some popcorn then. I have my Tai Chi class on Saturday. Nothing much else planned this weekend. Oh I hope to read some great posts from bloggers at FitBloggin!

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  1. Nice on the weigt loss. Go easy on the movie theater popcorn though, that stuff is bad. (but OH-SO good!) :-)