Thursday, May 26, 2011

A week has almost gone by

Wow, I have not posted since Saturday. I had have ideas to talk about but nothing that felt like it would become a full post. I have been busy trying to balance workouts and other things in my life. I know that workouts are being more automatic and even dare I say it... Fun! I am enjoying Tai Chi and Pilates.

My walk for the American Diabetes Association is coming closer and I am still not sure if I plan to do the 1 mile fun walk or the longer 2.5 mile walk. I know the reason I am waffling on this is because I am a slow walker. I am getting faster, but still not able to do 3 miles an hour. I so do not want to be the last one.
For the walkers/runners: How do you handle the fear of being last?

I will be Stepping Out on June 4th to Stop Diabetes.

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My coworkers held a Jeans week and raised $155 for my walk. I am honored that they picked the ADA as the charity for this month. When I first was diagnosed with Diabetes I went to the ADA's website for great information. It has helped me control and manage my diabetes.

Now for some NSVs. I do not have 5 like usual which is bumming me out slightly. I really like the number 5. I try to do things in a multiple of 5 at times. It just makes me feel good.

1) Today I am wearing a size 22 pair of capris that I found in my closet. I am not sure how old they are. I had mentioned being able to fit 22s in a previous post, but this is the first day wearing a pair all day. They are fairly comfortable. I still need to get my new pants out of hock layaway at Kmart. I might try to do that this week.

2) I started my 3rd food diary book. I have been keeping track consistently for 18 weeks. I think this is the longest I have kept track in a long time. I need to get to staples and pick up another book or 2. It is great to find something that works for me!  

So those are my 2 Non-Scale Victories for the week.

What are some of your victories?


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