Monday, May 16, 2011

Look Ma No Hands

So as I mentioned in a previous post I got the battery replaced in my Polar heart rate monitor. I also found my user manual which made setting it up easy.  This is a very simple HRM with just a clock and the heart rate range. It also can beep when you are outside of your range, but I turned that off really quick.  I set the lower limit at 125 and the upper limit to 150. It is suppose to be water resistant but I am not sure if that is still the case since the battery has been replaced. I am not going to chance it.

I have forgotten it the past 2 times I went to the Y and almost forgot it tonight. I am glad I remembered it. I get to the Y and start on the Precor treadmill. I look down at the display and see the heart rate starting to flash like it is checking my heart rate. I am not holding onto the sensors though. I am really pleased to find out that the treadmill will receive my heart rate signal!!! This is so COOL!!!! I do not even have to look at my wrist now. I can walk without holding the sensors and keep track of my heart rate. I found out that the Precor Elliptical that I like also finds the HRM signal. I will have to look and see if any of the other machines do as well. I am so going to love this.

As of my workout yesterday I have gotten the 400 minutes needed for my work's exercise challenge. In the month of May we had to record 400 minutes of exercise. It works out to about 100 minutes a week. I may keep entering the time to see where I end up. I know I need to keep on track for the 100 hr challenge for the Y. I do like having a couple of different challenges going. It gives me some variety. I am at 5 hours so far this month. Basically right on track to get the 11 hours I need for the month.


  1. I have a monitor but can't use it at home (which is where I do cardio right now) because my husband always uses his and we workout together and too close so the machines and monitors would be all confused:( He uses a program on the treadmill that actually makes changes for him to keep him at a target heart rate.

  2. @Karen@WaistingTimeI saw the picture of your workout area and I can see how they would interfere if you both used the monitors at the same time. There is a program like that on the treadmill at the Y but I have not tried it. I mostly use the interval program.