Thursday, May 5, 2011

NSV Thursday

1) I do not sound like I am going to DIE when I come up the stairs at work. I am more willing to go down  in the basement since I do not feel so unsteady on the stairs. I use to dread going upstairs at home and would limit how often I went up and down the stairs because I just did not want to be out of breath.

2) More people at work are noticing and commenting on how I look. They can tell I am skinnier.

3) I can fit into size 22 in pants. I so need to go and buy some new clothing. The other day I tried on a pair of LM's capris and was amazed. I am still not seeing the loss when I look in the mirror but I can tell it with my clothing. 

4) I recognized when I was binging the other night and did not let it side track me. I ate crap but did not go to 3000-4000 calories. I have realized I can not have mini ice cream sandwiches in the house. 1 at 110 calories is a nice sweet snack... 4 at one time not so much.

5) I signed up for my first walk. I will be doing Step OUT to stop Diabetes on June 4th. I am really leaning toward doing the 2.5 mile and not the 1 mile fun walk.

1 comment:

  1. Smaller clothes are definitely a great NSV! You should also be super proud of recognizing the ice cream sandwiches as a trigger - there are a lot of things I love but just can't control myself to eat in moderation. I only get them when I have guests to share with or if I can buy single-serve portions.