Sunday, May 29, 2011

Let's get alittle intimate.

I realized a goal I have while I was browsing Target today. I want to be able to find cheaper prepackaged underwear! Most stores only carry up to size 10 in hi-cuts. Once they get over size 10 I can usually only find granny panties (ie briefs) being stocked. I so prefer the hi-cuts. Spending $5 a pair though at Avenue or Lane Bryant is so hard. I want to be able to go to Target or Kmart and get a pack of  5 for like $7. Size 10 is equivalent to an 18/20 per what is on the package. I think once I can fit that I am going to toss all the panties that I have and buy like 4 packages! I will have a plethora of choices at that point. I could go for the just my size, hanes her way, or even fruit of the loom.  I think I now have my next reward.


  1. Isn't it awesome when buying underwear is a reward? I SO get it! :-)

  2. @Debbi Does DietingIt is awesome. I had been debating about a reward and I know by then I will so want/need panties that fit better. The size 12 (26/28) ones I am wearing now are so not fitting well. Luckily I do have some size 11 and 22/24 as well.

  3. I am all about comfy underwear! That's my problem - finding some that fit and I'm not pulling down my butt cheeks all day. The kind I used to buy for years is not longer available and my old ones are wearing out. So sad.