Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The train has been derailed

I am slowly getting back on the track. I did not record my food all weekend. I am only now starting to put the pen to the paper and get it all written down. I ate out way more than I had been and went with fast food more than once. The only work out that I have done in the past 5 days was my Tai Chi class on Saturday. I did not get to water aerobics yesterday and I do not plan on going to pilates today. I might try to do some cardio tonight and/or practice Tai Chi. It really all depends on how I feel.

There is 1 cause of this derailment and it is called that TOTM!
(totm= time of the month)

I so do not like TOTM. Now for a TMI moment... For almost 2 years TOTM lasted 3 weeks and then I would have about 1 week off before it would start again. The doctor tried many things and nothing seemed to work. About 3 years ago we found something that has really helped. Now I have Aunt Flo visiting for about 4-6 days and she is definitely not the same. I still get headaches and cramps most months though. Meds and the bed are my friend. It just makes it so hard to get out and do things. There is always the worry that I will have issues when out and about.

Yesterday I did record everything I ate, and I am doing it today as well. I did do a short practice of Tai Chi last night. I am working on planning items for the next work wellness challenge. We have a work sponsored program coming up called 10 for 10. We will be working on losing weight/getting healthier over 10 weeks with weigh ins every 2 weeks. There are 2 individual parts to do and 1 team part that you can do if you want. I am in a team and I think we can do it! I will explain more once we get started on Friday.


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