Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Weigh In and Delayed NSVs

Yesterday I had a post saved as a draft and then blogger had issues. It is not on my account anymore so no idea what happened to it. Maybe it will come back later. It is probably for the best since I was a bit whiny in the post and I was feeling down about it all. I am feeling much better now. So now for some NSVs.

1) I can reach behind my back to hook and unhook my bra again.

2) I went and got the battery replaced in my polar heart rate monitor. I tested it and it works!! This will make it easier to use the treadmill since I will not have to hold the sensors all the time. It was so cool since it was only $12 to replace the battery.

3) I did 1.25 miles last night in 30 minutes on  the treadmill.

4) My knees are not bothering me as much as they use to. I have not had the painful pop and grind.

5) I am also having less pain when I walk on the treadmill even with increasing the speed and incline.

Now for my weight. I am up 2 lbs from last week. Since I am not at home I do not have my graphs and will add one later.

Weight: 287 lbs

Change: +2.0 lbs

I know this is because of 3 things. TOTM, eating out, not exercising. 2 I can change and 1 is just something that will happen monthly. I need to make sure that I do not let my TOTM derail me as much as it did this month.

We are starting a 10 week program at work. We are going to have weigh ins every 2 weeks and today was the first one. What is weird is that my weight on the work scale was 2.4lbs less that at home. (284.6) What is up with that? I am wondering if I need a new scale. It was just so weird. I figured it would be higher since I had clothes on and such. I did bring my breakfast to work so that I could eat after the weigh in instead of before. I am going to write more about the work program in another post. I think it is going to be fun!

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  1. well, you know that scales differ, sometimes by +/- 5 lbs. That always flipped me out when I would bring my kids to the doc (back when they had to go every couple of months) and there would be a couple pound difference in like a week... depending on the scale...