Sunday, May 15, 2011

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I have added a new blog to my reading list.

Dances With Fat
Health comes in all shapes and sizes.

Sometimes I read a blog post and it just gets me thinking. Her posts did that.

My thoughts: 

I have always believed that you can be clinically defined as fat and be healthy.  

Many people from all professions and all walks of life disagree with this belief. I accept that. My personal goal is to be healthier. I want to be off my medications. To do this my blood sugar and blood pressure must be in line. The main suggestions I get to do this is to exercise more and to limit simple sugars. By extension doing these things most likely will cause weight loss. 

I want to go up and down the stairs without feeling like I am going to die. I want to go out dancing and be able to boogie till the sun comes up. I want my knees to not hurt and pop. I want my arthritis to be managed and not just by taking pain pills. To do this I will need to increase my muscle strength. By extension if I am burning more calories because I have a bigger muscle mass I could lose weight. This of course is only if I do not increase my calorie intake.

For this blog I picked 250 by my 40th birthday almost just out of the air. I went with the average of 2lbs a week and I would have 41 weeks to get there. It was a total of 78 lbs to lose. So I went with it. Actually now that I think about it I also picked 250 lbs because that is when I did feel healthy. Once I started to get over that number everything health wise started to get worse. Years ago when I was about 250 my doctors would tell me to lose weight and not have a health reason other than I should not be that much. All my other clinical numbers were fine. The doctors would say that the numbers will not always stay fine if I do not lose the weight. Their excuse was that my age was balancing out the weight. I call shenanigans. Now if I get to 250 and I can not do all I want to do I will make new goals. One of them may even be more weight loss.

I want to enjoy life and all it has to offer. I want to go out with friends and family and have great times. I want a balance that has been lacking in my life. I want to be healthy. For me this does not equal being skinny. I may always be clinically fat. I can be healthy at the same time. I am glad I have a doctor who understands this. I wish that others did as well.


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