Sunday, May 1, 2011

The ups and downs of the Weekend.

Friday after the consignment store adventure I went home and had some dinner. I stayed under my calorie budget and relaxed. Not much of note other than having a nice relaxing night.

Saturday started off great. I went to my Y and filled out my April calendar for the 100 hr challenge. I got 13 hours of exercise in April. This is really cool since I need to average 11 hours a month to be able to get to 100 hours before the end of December. I am well on my way. Then I went to the other side of town to Beaumont Y so I could go to my Tai Chi class. We learned 4 more moves and my balance is getting better and my legs are stronger.

On the way home I stopped at my mom's and go her her unused/expired medications. I then dropped her meds and our meds off at the medtoss sponsored by the police department. Since they took prescription, OTC, supplements and vitamins we got our bathroom closet cleaned out! Now I plan to only buy supplements if I really plan to take them.

JD and headed out to go see a movie and I did have some of the popcorn. We headed to BD's Mongolian grill after the movie. YUM! It is one of our go-to restaurants if we are not sure on date night. It can be very healthy.

Once we got home my brain started to cycle with depressing and discouraging thoughts. I am not sure where they came from. In the end at about 10pm I binged. I had 4 mini ice-cream sandwiches and 2 mini bags of Funyuns. The total was about 660 calories so not a big binge but a binge none the less. I was not eating because I was hungry. I was not eating to have something that tasted good. I just stuffed my face and went back for more. Of course my blood sugar spiked after that. I even realized what I was doing while I was doing it but I still went back for the ice cream. I did my Tai Chi breathing before bed and got a good night sleep.

Sunday started bright and early with rain. I got back on track with recording my eating and planning my food. Today has been a good day for eating. I did have Chinese food, but it was by choice and cravings and not mindless stuffing of my face. I made the decision to eat it. I also went to the Y today and got 40 minutes in on the cardio machines. (25 treadmill and 15 elliptical) I did a mile on the treadmill in 23 minutes and even jogged for some of the time. It was not crowded so I did not feel so self-conscious. It was only for about a 1 minute, but it was Jogging!!!! I plan to do more time on the treadmill and may also try to walk some of the legacy trail so I can be ready for my walk to STOP diabetes on June 4th.

Now I need to record the 40 minutes since my work wellness program has a challenge this month. In May the challenge is to get 400 minutes of exercise. Since I have to get at least 600-660 to be on track for the 100 hour challenge I think I can do the 400 minutes. :)

NSV: I went to Kmart and tried on some capris. The 22s were snug but I was able to Button and Zip!!! I plan to go back and put some on layaway. In about 6 weeks it will be starting to get really hot in Kentucky and having the capris will be great. It is also nice that they are on sale at 25% off.

How was your weekend? Any plans for the week?


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