Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Friend's Observation

Last night LM and I head out for dinner and errands. We went to Jo-Beth, and Whole Foods, but first we had dinner at a Chinese Buffet across the street. As we were dining on sushi and some other items she commented that she has noticed a change in my eating. That I am not eating like I am desperately trying to cram everything in. I know I am paraphrasing some. She noticed that I am being more picky about what I eat. She also commented that with the first 40lbs I lost I also got rid of some other baggage as well. She is very correct about that. I think the desperation she was seeing in my eating was me trying to fill voids with food and not deal with things. I was just eating and eating and eating.

At work yesterday I commented that the more weight I lose the more outgoing I am going to be. I have always been a friendly bubbly person. With the increase in confidence and pride I am also going to be alittle more adventurous and wild at times. This journey is going to be an interesting ride for me, my family and my friends. One start was just going out by myself to see Thor. I have been searching for more things to do in and around Lexington. So many ideas and so many opportunities. The one thing that will hold me back some is money. I did sign up to take Tai Chi again for the next session. I love that the class is 1/2 price since it is a repeat of the beginner class. That is one reason I was willing to sign up again. I am hoping it will help to ingrain the moves. I really need to make it a priority to practice at least every other day. I am finding it easier to schedule time to exercise. I love finding classes at the Y that I enjoy. I am worth taking the time to work on ME.

I am special, strong, and worthy.


  1. You ARE worthy!!
    ~ Min

  2. Awesome that someone else noticed a change in your eating!

    Good that you got a good deal on the Tai Chi, good for you on the regular exercise!