Saturday, May 7, 2011

I got Naked!

Tonight we tried a new pizza delivery place called Naked Pizza. When I called to find out if they deliver to us they asked if we are inside new circle. Why yes we are! Woohoo. That was the first hurdle. We found out after we bought the house that we are in a pizza delivery dead zone.  Only 1 or maybe 2 of the large pizza chains deliver to our area. It gets really boring ordering from the same place. Also pizza has not been much on the menu for me since starting my journey. It did not seem to fit with the eating healthier lifestyle I am doing. With this first order I think we have a place now to let pizza be on the menu more than once every couple of months.
From there website: " What makes it naked? Naked means natural. Our pizza is simply an honest diversity of all-natural, whole food ingredients that taste better and are better for you."

The crust is made from a mixture of 10 grains and probiotics. They do not add sugar, high fructose corn syrup, or hydrogenated oil. They list the nutritional value on their site for a basic cheese pizza on original or thin crust.

The basics: We got 2-10" original crust pizzas with 3 toppings each. One had mushrooms, ham and feta. The 2nd had hamburger, roasted red peppers and feta. The total with tip came to $26.00.

The taste: The spices in the sauce were not too heavy. It was a flavorful sauce and for me it was great there were no tomato pieces since I can not have that. I did not feel like there was a layer of greasy oil on the top of the pizza that needed to be blotted off. We are glad we got the original crust and not the thin. I think the thin would have been too cracker thin. The original crust had a almost nutty taste and not too chewy or 'fiber' tasting. The toppings complimented the sauce and cheese.

Overall: I found the pizza very tasty and satisfying. I had 3 pieces and enjoyed every bite. I really want to try the spinach salad one time.


  1. That sounds super delicious! Pizza is something I miss a lot - it's total comfort food. Knowing that it can be made natural is good - when I have cupcakes, I usually opt for a vegan one, because while that doesn't mean fat-free, calorie-free, or sugar-free, it DOES mean I feel better about eating it than some mass-produced preservative-packed snack cake.

  2. @oh_mg Yeah. I have to have some of my comfort foods on occasion. What is interesting is that spinach is starting to be come a comfort food.