Friday, April 29, 2011

Clothing and Consignment

Today was an experience after work. I had boxed up some items that are too big and decided to take them to a local consignment shop in town. They are the only consignment place I have heard of that takes plus sized clothing.  I get there and I leave the stuff in the car to make sure they are accepting clothing. I am told that they usually stop buying at 6pm but I could bring it in so I did. I filled out the little slip and went to wander some. I could hear another employee state in a very snotty tone, "Did you tell her our policy?". My hackles went up at that point. I went back to looking at the jewelry and found something that was cute and it was marked $9.99. I turned it over to find that the original sticker was still on and the item was sold for $7. Well isn't that interesting. I then wandered to the back of the store and found the woman's section. I realized then that I was not going to get much sold. Most of the items they had were jeans in the plus sized sections. All seemed over priced for a consignment store. If I wait for sales and use coupons sent to me by Avenue or Lane Bryant I could get as good a deal or better.

Finally my name was called and out of the about 20 things I brought in they wanted 4 of the items. I got $10.20 for the items which is pretty good. She said the quality on some was not up to their standard. I knew that about 2 of the things. Now the Avenue pants were basically brand new. I am not sure the gray pair was worn at all. I think they had a problem with the Avenue brand even though they said that was one they take. Now they took a pair of Lane Bryant pants that were OLD and worn lots as well as Dress Barn shell I got at good will to use for a halloween costume. Heck I might have made money on that. They also took a pair of gray shorts, but not the black pair and then an orange shirt. OK, maybe they do not have a problem with Avenue since the last 2 were from Avenue. I was just really surprised the pants did not sell.

Some of the items that did not sell I put up on Craig's List. We shall see if I can make any money that way. The others I have put in a bag to go to Goodwill. I might also put them up on a site Skinny Emmie has talked about if they do not sell. Still debating on some. I did not take the best pictures for craigs list. The picture here is the Roaman's swimsuit in size 28 that I had.

I just left the store with a icky feeling in my stomach. The attitude was not the greatest from the one employee. The other thing that got me was that she asked if I wanted my box back. I think I would be a No Duh! I had the stuff in 2 boxes so it was not crammed up. She crammed all that she did not want in 1 box. The lid did not close. She could have split the clothing up into the 2 boxes.

Even though the average was about $2.50/item the attitude I was subject to means I will not go back to sell or to shop. I can buy new if I wait for sales and use coupons and average about the same price as what I saw in the store. 

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  1. Thanks for the comment, Denise! I do have a routine that I usually do for upper body/back. The goal is to do that twice per week. I don't have a lower body routine worked out, but running and Zumba give my legs quite a workout!