Saturday, March 19, 2011

3-18 Food Diary

I started this post last night on 3/18 but then our internet went out probably because of the rain.

I really wish I had my camera with me when I was at Panera for dinner. I love that they have the calories right beside the food on the order board. It made it nice and easy to decide on what to get. I had some idea since I had printed out the nutritional info before heading out. My indulgence today was chocolate. I had it 3 different times. For breakfast I had a smart ones sausage wrap and lunch was a smart ones pasta and spinach meal. I ended the day with 1575. This week I have had a bunch of smart ones meals since they were on sale at Kroger for a really good price. You will see that my food for a week will at times coincide with what was on sale at Kroger. We food shop on Sunday morning right as the new sale starts. This week I was able to get 10 smart ones for like $13. They were on sale and I had a coupon for $3 off 10.

Below is a picture of the notebook I use for my food diary. I have not been able to get into keeping a log online. Maybe if I had a smart phone it would be different. The book is called a Dollar and Cent memo book and I picked them up at Staples. Since I use 2 pages a day it lasts about 2 months. I have a description of my food, the calories and a running total of my calories on the right page and on the left I write my blood sugar and my blood pressure numbers. I also note any exercise or issues I am having that day.


  1. fwiw, my dad is at least 150 lbs overweight, with type 2 diabetes and emphysema (hence, "real" exercise is impossible, with his 20% lung capacity, and he can't have bariatric surgery either). So he's stuck trying to lose weight simply by diet, for the most part. He had the most luck with a doctor-suggested 1500 cal/day, in five 300 cal "meals". I'm sure you have something that works for you (I mean, obviously you do) but you might consider enacting something similar. Unless you're already doing it, and then nevermind :-)

  2. I am trying for under 1800 calories a day and having 3 meals and 3 smaller snacks during the days. The meals are usually 300-400 calories and the snacks are 100-250.