Thursday, March 31, 2011


Since my weigh in is tomorrow I think today I will talk about some of the Non-Scale Victories I have had recently. That way if the scale does not like me tomorrow I will have these to remind me that I am getting healthier and there is more to this than a number on the scale. So my top 5 NSVs in no particular order are:

1) I can wear pants that I have not been able to wear in a year. These are non-elastic waist pants. I think I have gone from a big 26/28 down to a 26. Heck these button/fly khakis can be taken down without undoing the button or fly. Last year I could not even button them and they were living in the back of my closet. Heck I have a whole new wardrobe now!

2) I was able to get the beach towel around me after I showered at the Y!

3) Holding the 5lb weight out in front at chest level for 1 minute during water aerobics has gotten easier. Today I wanted to hold it longer just to see how long I could.

4) My average walking time on the treadmill is getting faster. Last night I did another mile in just under 25 minutes.

                                                    5) I have kept a food diary for 3 months.

I am feeling proud of what I have been doing and the progress both scale and non-scale I have made. This week I have been to the Y 4 days. (Mon-Thurs) I have signed up for the biometrics at work that we have for our yearly health track. On April 22nd I will get poked and find out my numbers like blood sugar and a lipid profile. I will definitely post the results.


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