Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The changes they are becoming habit.

Who knew that I would get this excited about getting a swimsuit? I ordered a swimsuit from just my size 2 weeks ago in a size 24 and when it got here it just did not fit right. I did not feel at all comfortable in it. I decided to return it and get a different one. I am so glad I did. The new one came today. Instead of being a 1 piece I went with a 2 piece skirtini in a size 26.

Active Skirtini Two Piece Swimsuit

This is the picture from the Just my Size website. I never use to like the skirts on my swimsuit or even want 2 pieces but I think this is going to be really good. I tried it on and I love the way it fits. I think it will hold the puppies just fine as I run, jump, kick and swim in the water aerobics class. The purple is so cute. I even think I look good in it. Wow, what a surprise. I plan to get some pictures taken. I have been putting off taking my picture and posting it to my blog. It is something I have been dreading. I never like the way I look in pictures. I think though I have found something I will not mind taking a picture in and posting. (so look for that soon. *grins*)

Dinner tonight was McDonalds. Now I have not had McDonalds since I started my journey on 1/15/11. I went to the site the other day to determine what my 'usual' meal was like from there. Sometimes I could get a Filet Meal and add a McDouble or a double cheeseburger. With the McDouble it came in at 1150 calories. I knew the calorie count was large, but did not realize it was that bad. That is over 1/2 what I am aiming for most days. Today when I went I got the Filet sandwich but without tartar sauce. I got a small fries instead of the medium fries, and then my usual Diet Coke. The calorie count came in at 520. So I cut the amount by over half. I can make smarter choices when I am just not feeling like cooking. Right now my calorie count for the day is 1330. I will probably make some spinach later and have a small snack before bed. I have found that to keep my blood sugar in line I need to have something small before I go to water aerobics so after the class my blood sugar is not too low, and I usually need a small snack before bed so that my morning blood sugar is good.

I am starting to wake up each day wondering how/when I am going to exercise. I work on planning it into my day or deciding that it will be a rest day. Today was to be a rest day but if I get the dishes and other household chores done I may go do 25-30 minutes on the treadmill at the Y.


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