Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Water Aerobics and other Exercise Things

Tonight was a water aerobics night at the Y. I got home about 5:15 and packed up my gym bag. I had a small snack so that my blood sugar would not go too low and puttered around the house to kill time before I had to leave. Then at 5:50 I had a thought to check what time the class was. I had been thinking that it started at 6:30 but then my brain went wait a minute it could be 6pm. I am so glad I checked. It did start at 6. So at 5:55 I headed out to the car and booked it to the Y. I am so lucky that it only takes me 2-3 minutes if the 3 lights are right to get to the Y. I changed really quick and made it out to the pool by about 6:05. Even though the time on the schedule says the class starts at 6 it really does not start till about 6:05 due to the change over from swim lessons to open swim and water aerobics. I am just so glad I did not decide to just skip it today. The instructor kicked my ever shrinking ass tonight. I love that we do both cardio and strength training. My arms are going to be sore tomorrow.

The other thing I did today was sign up to take beginning Tai Chi at the Beaumont Y. The class starts Saturday April 2nd from 9am-10am. I have taken Tai Chi before but it was years ago. I vaguely remember some of the moves but not enough to be able to do it on my own. It will be a good workout and relaxing at the same time. I just hope it does not get canceled. That will happen if not enough people sign up. Yesterday was the first day to sign up and that was only for Y members. Non-Y members can sign up starting Thursday


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