Sunday, March 20, 2011

Food Diary

Saturday 3/19
I do not know my calorie count for Saturday due to eating out twice. What I did have that I know the calorie count was the Smart Ones breakfast sandwich, the Wendy's double stack, Wasabi Seaweed, Chocolate, Ice Cream, Popcorn, and some 100 calorie snack cookies.

The first place we ate out at was the Garden Cafe at Flag Fork Herb Farm. I had a wonderful slice of Ham and Cheese Quiche and some pasta salad. Once again I am bummed that I did not bring my camera since the food was lovely! I love the food and it is great that the place is within walking distance. They do not have much parking so the 3 of left the car at home and walked to lunch.

Dinner was a different story. JD and I went out for our date night and ended up at a chinese food buffet. It was one we have not been to in a long time and eating we remembered why. It is very bland. I started to beat myself up for having one of my off meals at suck a crappy place.

Today I am at about 1600. My dinner count is an approximation since I know all the components but not the calorie count or if it was portioned exactly. I think I had about a 1/4 of the meal but not sure.

LaDonna made the dinner and it was good. We had ravioli stuffed with spinach and ricotta that was mixed with chicken breast, red pepper and mushrooms and then the new philly cooking creme (pictured to the left) It was filling and I probably will not have a snack later.

The biggest problem I had today food wise was that at about lunch time I started to feel shaky and alittle out of it. I decided to test my blood sugar and it was on the low side. I am glad that at that point I already had a Smart Ones in the microwave cooking for lunch. I am wondering if when I have my doctor's appt in April if she might be able to lower some of my diabetes medicines.

This is a picture of my favorite snack right now. I can only get it at Good Foods or Whole Foods. I eat at least 1 pack a day. It is crunchy and spicy. The interesting thing is that I am not a big spicy fan. I realized awhile back that even though I do not like pepper spicy I do like horseradish and wasabi spicy. I use to eat wasabi peas and I have also had wasabi cashews. The roasted seaweed snack has been the best so far. There are 2 servings in a pack, but I usually just eat the whole pack for 60 calories.

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  1. I'd say, not knowing directly or anything, that the quiche is probably about 400-500 cal. LOTS of eggs and heavy whipping cream in it. If you need to me figure out the pasta, I could do that too. That's kind of a kicker, since Mike sometimes adds sugar to it (you might not ever even notice!)