Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Websites I read

I like most people use the internet for fun and research. Below is a list of a few of the websites/blogs that I am reading at this time as I work on my weight loss journey.

Spark People :I love the exercise section with the exercise demos and the workout generator. I need to use the site more and really explore what it has to offer.

100 lbs 2 lose : This is a livejournal community that I have been a member of for years. The people are very supportive and great. The community does challenges to help keep the members motivated. There is a great mix of members with those just starting on the journey and others who are almost to his/her goal weight.

YMCA of Central Ky  : I frequent this site so I can find out what my Y is offering and to sign up for classes. I am starting Tai Chi on Saturday.

Noel Lynne Figart : I have been reading her posts online for years. She writes about fitness and many other things on her blog. She is a free-lance writer and a really cool person. I have never met her in RL but would love to.

Skinny Emmie  : When I was on a tour at Whole Foods a woman mentioned Skinny Emmie and how she has lost 100 lbs. I love the fact that she is in town and enjoy reading about her Race.  I really hope to get to meet her someday.

I can't link to it, but my work also has a website for employees that has been great. I can get recipes, workouts, videos, tips and a bunch of information to help me on my weight loss journey. Also by participating in the yearly health challenge I can earn an incentive.

Do you have any favorite websites or blogs?


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