Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What are you doing?

Ever since I started talking about losing weight and working out people keep asking me what am I doing. I have heard it asked from coworkers, other Y members, friends and family. I have heard others ask it to people who mention they have lost weight at the Y. Heck I have even asked it. This woman at water aerobics mentioned she has lost 90lbs. The first words out my mouth were What are you doing? The other day at Lane Bryant this woman was trying on clothing and she thought a dress she was trying on was too small and 4 people told her No- that it was fitting great. Then she mentioned losing 50lbs. I heard someone ask her how did she do it? It seems to be the most common question when people start to talk about losing weight. I almost feel bad when I do not have a great/grand plan to explain. I am not doing any pay plans. I am not doing any strict diet. This post I am going to talk about my eating plan. Another time I will post about my exercise plan.

My eating plan is pretty simple but so hard:

Eat less calories than I need.

Seems pretty simple right? Just has taken me YEARS to be able to do it for any length of time. I am by no means a pro at it. Below is a list of my 'rules':

1) Write everything down even if I do not know the calorie count

2)Try to stay under 1800 calories each day

3) Use the 80/20 or 90/10 rule. 80-90% of the time eat healthy and nutritious and just know that 10-20% of the time it won't be. With 21 meals in a week  that means that 2-4 meals a week might not be healthy. 

4) Limit Fast Food

5) Enjoy my food and savor it

6) Take all my meds, check my numbers and schedule follow-ups with my doctor

Now to expand some on my self-guidelines.

1) This one keeps me accountable. I have to think about what I am going to eat and not just mindlessly eat. I give each meal some thought and work to plan meals and snacks. Some days I know about what my calorie count will be. I am only keeping track of calories because trying to keep track of fat/carbs/etc stresses me out and just makes me want to give up. I needed something I can do.

2) Based on the multitude of equations out there to determine BMR and calorie needs 1800 seemed to be a good number to start with to be able to lose weight with a starting weight of 328 lbs. I figure when I hit a plateau I will adjust the figure.

3) This lets me 'cheat'. I can have Fazoli's tomorrow night when I am at my bowling banquet. I can have movie popcorn and a dinner out with my significant other. It also makes these times alittle bit more special. I am deciding what I want to savor on my 'cheat'. This is one reason I was so annoyed on Saturday when we went to the bland Chinese food place. I wasted one of my 10-20% meals on this crap? I can make better stuff at home.

4) This is a big one for me. There was a period that I was eating fast food 2-3 times a day almost every day of the week. One of my bigger meals at McDonalds would be 1200 calories (Filet, Double Cheeseburger, Medium Fries) add to that a breakfast and another meal and I would be at 3000 calories no problem. One nice side effect of not eating fast food as much is that I am saving so much money. Money I can use to buy clothes or books. *grins* When I do get fast food I do not order by number. I pick and choose what I want and usually forgo the fries.

5) I am still eating in front of the computer or eating in the car. What I am doing is chewing more so I can taste my food. Not just shoveling it in. When I have chocolate I let it melt in my mouth and I go for the good chocolate and not just any old chocolate.

6) This one should be higher in the list. I was really bad about not checking my blood sugar and not taking my meds. It was big time DENIAL! Nighttime was the worst. I would take my pills in the morning but just not do it at night. I am much better about this now. My numbers go in my food diary. I dreaded going to the doctor because I know she was going to mention my weight. I love my doctor she is one of the good ones. She didn't push but did let it be known I needed to lose weight. She would mention plans and when I said I did not have the money for Weight Watchers she came right back and suggested spark people.  I am actually excited to see her on 4/13 and see what she has to say.

I know there are a couple of more guidelines I am using but these are the big ones for my eating habits. I am also trying to try something new at least once a month. It is how I found out I like avocados and eggplant but not a big Brussels sprouts fan. Maybe if they were cooked differently. I am trying to decide on what to try next. Any Suggestions? 


  1. Basically I'm doing the same thing! is an awesome tool. It has most food that you can eat out or buy in a store, incluiding plain old veggies.
    I'm a snacker in front of the computer and I've switched from candy/little debbies/chips to almonds (one at a time) and grapes. :)

  2. @James
    I am just testing my new reply to the comment code I added. We shall see if it works.