Monday, March 21, 2011

The start of 2011

My first post gave a brief bio and ended with me talking about Dec 2010. "The end of 2010 brought me to the mindset that I can be healthier and that I deserve to be healthy."

With the start of 2011 I decided to really work on my resolution which was the same as last year..

To be more active!

This is a general goal/resolution. It is for all aspects of my life and not just health. I want to be more active emotionally, spiritually, socially, physically and educationally.  This blog will help me because I hope to meet more people and be accountable for my activities.

On January 2nd I started my food diary. It is the one thing that has worked in all the years I have been trying to lose weight. I decided to start slow and each month add something new. For January it was working on my eating. I pretty much cut out fast food and started to measure and account for everything I ate. I also started talking about my plans to be healthier and get off my meds. I have reawakened my love of veggies. Spinach has become a snack at times instead of chips. I realized that frozen veggies are much easier for me than fresh. I have a problem with fresh veggies going bad. I buy them with all good intentions and the forget they are in the drawer. With the frozen I can steam some up anytime. In being more accountable certain foods that I would eat on a regular basis are now more for a treat like cereal and chips. Each week I have been searching the grocery to find something new to try. One week it was brussell sprouts. I am still not sure about those.

For February I started to exercise. I joined the Y and also signed up to do the activity challenge at work. I committed to walking up the stairs at work. February was all about the cardio workouts. I went to water aerobics. I used the treadmill and the elliptical machines. I of course also kept up my food diary and more defined what my goals are. I worked out my mini-goals to get me to 250 by my 40th birthday. I am hoping that by then I will be off most if not all of my meds.

March was suppose to be about adding weight training. I have not been as active on this as I would like. I believe this will be more of a 2 month process. I get so overwhelmed with weight training. I am also apprehensive about doing strength training at the Y. I know it is my own fears. Noone at the north Lexington Y has given me any reason to feel that it would be a problem. I just am so petrified about the machines at times. I use to love some strength training and want to get that back. At home I have a bench as well as dumbbells in various weights. (1/2/3/4/8/10 lbs) I also got a book the other day at Jo-Beth.

I am hoping it will help me to set up a routine that I can do at home. The problem I have is that I keep thinking I am not going to be doing the right exercises. This fear keeps me from doing anything. I am working on getting over the fear. I have also printed out some of the programs on spark people for strength training. I did do 5 upper body exercises at 2 sets of 12 reps for about 2 weeks.

The quick glance I have been able to do of the book gives me hope. It has some routines and gives a good/easy way to set up a routine depending on fitness level.

For April the goal will be to get a dumbbell routine for a full body workout. I also plan to sign up the Tai Chi class. I took it once before years ago and enjoyed it.


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