Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Weigh In

By The Numbers:

Weight: 289.2 lbs
Loss: -1.8 lbs
Total: -38.8 lbs  
Average Loss: 2.77 lbs /week

I was convinced last night that I was not going to have a loss this week. I was mentally preparing for it. I had sneaked a peak on Thursday and the scale had me at the same thing I was last Friday. I knew it was time to have the dreaded plateau. Then this morning the scale registered a loss. I was totally and completely in shock. My average per week is slowing down but I can accept that. I will just need to incorporate more exercise I think. My eating is right now in line I think. I will need to tweek some things. I need to limit the candy more. I like my chocolate. I also should look into eating more fruit. I just do not like that much fruit.

Today was also our Biometrics at work. My total cholesterol was really good (141) but the good cholesterol was really low (22) and that needs to change. I am doing the things that are suggested like working out and losing weight. I am going to see if adding any supplements might help. My BMI went from 61.2 down to 54.6. Yippy! I can not find my 2010 data, but my waist measurement went down 4 inches from the 2009 data. 

It is really nice to see that changes over the long term. That I am at my lowest weight in 4 years. I need to get a printout of my weight from my doctor. I have been going to her for YEARS. I want to see when I was my lowest and what it was.

Guess that is it for now. What are some things you do to help your Good Cholesterol?

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  1. you go girl! You are doing an awesome job!!! I know I have to get my butt in gear and lose this weight as well...