Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Follow Up and Zumba what a way to spend Wednesday

Today I had my 3 month follow up with my doctor. For once I was not dreading my doctor visit. I really like my doctor but did not like going since each time my weight or health issues were worse. Today that was totally different. She was very pleased with my weight loss. By her balance scale I am down 35 lbs since my appointment in January. She had me go downstairs to the lab to draw blood for an A1c as well as a liver function test. If the A1c is down considerably she is going to call in to have one of my prescriptions lowered. Very good news. We scheduled a 3 month follow up for July 13th.

Now for 5 NSVs

1)  I am able to get into a pair of shoes that I bought about 6 months ago. The edema I have been having is much less. The shoes velcro fine and do not hurt! I wore them all day on Tuesday and did not feel like my feet were in a vice. Plus they look cute!

2) Dr F. lowered the dose of one of my blood pressure medications. She cut the dose in half. Yippy!!!

3) I kept track of my blood pressure and blood sugar numbers consistently for 3 months.

4) I had the energy to clean out the pantry on Sunday so that we can stock healthier items. We also reorganized because we found things that had expired. Next we probably need to work on the freezer and other areas in the kitchen.

5) Today I went to try the Zumba class at my Y. It was a good workout. I at times enjoyed myself. My main problem was that it was a big class and most everyone else had been doing it for awhile. It stated in the schedule that it is a beginner class, but did not feel that way. I had to be really careful of my knees. I will probably try the class again, but not sure I will make it a regular thing. I know if I did it more I would catch on. I need to figure out if/when they have more of an intro class.

I think the next class I am going to take is Intro to Group Exercise. It is a 1/2 hour class that intros members to each type of group exercise class they offer. It changes each week. I also want to look into going to the Pilates class.

And now we are on the downward slope to the weekend!! Next weekend I have a 90 minute massage scheduled as a reward for my 10% loss.


  1. Good for you! And I have massage envy:)

  2. @Karen@WaistingTime

    I love that we have a massage school in town with massages at a good price. ($35 for the 90 minutes)