Monday, April 4, 2011

I don't wanna!!!

Today has been a rainy icky day. The wind came thru and the temperature dropped about 25 degrees in a couple of hours. This caused my knees to hurt and pop. I have moderate arthritis in both of my knees and I have had physical therapy twice in the past 5 years. One doctor even suggested that I get a shot of some synthetic fluid to help the with the pain and movement. I do not feel that I needed the shot at this time. Maybe later. I just have to strengthen my leg muscles and just be careful at times. The weather does affect my knees and a day like this is a doozy. Because of this I did give serious thought to not going to the Y tonight. I just did not want to go. But then I would be letting my roommate down since she wanted to go.

I started out on the treadmill and was bored and annoyed. I lasted 10 minutes and decided to move to another piece of equipment. I decided to try the recumbent bike and was unable to do it. I could not find a good setting to have my knee not hurt. I did not give up though. I then moved to the Precor Elliptical machine. Sometimes it is my enemy and other times it is my favorite thing. Tonight I did a great 10 minutes. My knees did not hurt or pop and I was able to increase the resistance. It so helped that a great song started on my MP3 player. I got into a zone. 10 minutes was enough and I ended with 20 minutes of cardio. I can live with that. LM did about 30 minutes so while she was finishing up I went to the empty group exercise room and practiced the first 4 Tai Chi moves that I learned on Saturday. I have to pull out the handouts though since I think I might have 1 part incorrect.

We got done and then headed out to get JD from work. Once I got home I had a small snack and also checked my blood sugar. I was feeling alittle different, but not all that worried. My reading came in at 68... which is low. I decided that having some juice in addition to my snack was in order. It has been about 45 minutes and my blood sugar is now at 98. I am happy.

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