Saturday, April 23, 2011

Today is a Me Day

Today has been a ME day. I had a lovely Tai Chi class this morning where we learned another 4 moves or so. I got a great workout in and I know this is going to strengthen my legs a bunch! After the class I came home, took a shower and had a snack while reading some on the computer.

At 12:00 I headed out to go to Spencerian for my 90 minute massage. It was lovely. I scheduled it after I hit my 10% weight loss. Plus I also had a coupon for $5 off during the month of April. Coupons are almost always a good thing. :) The normal price for 90 minutes is $35 so even without the coupon it is a great price. I may need to make this a monthly thing. I am so relaxed now and my shoulders are nice and loose.

My front dwarf lilac bushes are starting to bloom. They are so beautiful and almost makes up for all the rain. Actually that is a lie, nothing can make up for all the rain.  Last night 3 big storms went through and we have more to come. I love that the wild violets have settled in as the ground cover in our front beds. Now we just have to wait for the Day Lilies and the Ornamental Lilies to bloom.

The rest of the day I think I will rest some or maybe go out later. It will mostly depend on the weather, car scheduling and how I feel. Today is a really good day.


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