Monday, April 25, 2011

Friend Makin' Monday!

I participate in FMM. The questions come from All the Weigh blogger.

FMM: Today I....

Today I felt... happy to see the sun. There has been way too much rain lately.

Today I saw.... My 2 girl kitties snuggling on the bed.

Today I ate... 2 mini Slim Jims for a nice protein snack

Today I kissed... Strife kitty.  My silly Strifey.

Today I bought... Annie Chun’s Roasted Wasabi Seaweed. My order from Amazon shipped.

Today I heard... the alarm which felt way too early.

Today I lost... sleep due to storms and allergies.

Today I decided... to wear some makeup and earrings.

Today I workout and practice my Tai Chi. I slacked off over the weekend.

 Today I wish... for a quick and peaceful day at work. No angry customers.


  1. I have a Tai Chi video I need to do. I love the way it looks, but have never tried it. :)

  2. @Brandi.
    It is fun, and it is so going to strengthen my legs. So far we have learned about 15 moves and we have 9 weeks left. There are many different forms out there.