Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday Non-Scale Victories

Time again for my Thursday NSVs! I really like doing this before Friday's weigh in. It helps to have these in my mind if the number on the scale is not lower than last week.

1) I tried Pilates last night at the Y. It was an hour class and I could really feel it in my abs and legs. I liked that it was a small class and so much better than the Zumba class. I really feel the instructor was watching out for me and making sure I was getting the moves. When she went to have us go on our hands and knees I advised that I could not do that because of the arthritis and she said it was not a problem. There were only in the position about 2 minutes. It hurts to kneel because the cushion in my right knee is pretty worn down. I think I am going to continue with the Pilates so I might need to find a way to kneel. Maybe if I had a small towel to kneel on to give me some cushion.

2) In the first 27 days of April I have worked out 15 days. I have done an average of 30-60 minutes of exercise each time. Water Aerobics, Tai Chi, Treadmill and the Elliptical are my go-to exercises. I also tried Zumba and Pilates. On the treadmill and the elliptical I see improvement. I last longer and can increase the intensity. I also experimented and tried some of the programs on the machines instead of just using manual. My workout partner LM was using some of the programs and helped me get over my worry that it would be too hard.

3) I joined the 100 hour challenge at the Y. I have till the end of December to get the 100 hours. I am able to go back and record all the days I have worked out in April. So I have 9 months to get 100 hours. They have allowed sign ups since January. The longer I wait the shorter time I would have. Now if I had waited till July I would have had a full year to compete the 100 hours. Anyone who signs up from July-Dec will have till June 2012. I decided to join now since I ran the numbers and I can finish by the end of December.

4) I am taking more care with my appearance. I have started to wear makeup and jewelry again. My ears have to get use to earrings. I have 4 piercings in each ear. Part of my 'wild' youth. I need to organize my jewelry again so I accessorize my outfits. It is hard to wear bracelets at work though because of the typing. Oh well.

5) My balance is getting better with the Tai Chi Class. The newest move we learned has us standing on the left leg as we raise up the right and the kick it slowly forward. After water aerobics on Tues I did the Tai Chi moves in the water. It was quite fun!

What are some of your Non-Scale Victories this week?


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