Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Food Shopping

On Sunday we go to Kroger's and do shopping for the week. We also sometimes go to other stores or the Farmers' Market. Today was a light shopping day with mostly fresh items and household goods. Also my one addiction- Diet Coke.

Lexington Farmers' Market
Today the Sunday outdoor Lexington Farmers' Market opened for business! LM and I went and found some finds even though it is early in the season. Right now most of the things being sold are meats and plants. We ended up with some sweet potatoes, tomatoes and english cucumbers. I can not have the tomatoes since I have an allergy but LM and JD will love them.

I even took a picture of our 'bounty'. I enjoy walking down the row of booths and finding some great veggies to cook. I find the Sunday market alittle easier to shop than the Saturday one. The other great thing is that the Sunday market is right down the street from Good Foods Co-Op which is a great store to get interesting products.

Now for the weird picture of the day. JD likes to buy snacks for his gaming group and today he decided on Hostess Donettes. The bag pictured below is suppose to be Frosted Mini Donuts and it does have frosted in it.

Quality control was lacking on this run since there are also powdered donuts in the bag. So a lovely bag of assorted donuts. :) Now it is time to do a pantry purge. We have been meaning to organize and remove items that we have bought but now just do not plan to eat. I think in the end we will have some bag for God's Pantry and a bag of trash due to stuff being expired. Once it is done we can slowly restock with healthier alternatives and items we will eat.


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