Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mid-Week Musings and Rants

I am going to start of with a couple of good things, move to the not so good things and then end with I hope some more good things. We shall see.

Yesterday I called DrF to find out if she wanted to change my Glyburide based on my A1c results. She agreed that it needed to be changed. I am now taking 2.5 MG twice daily instead of 5mg twice daily. She also said that if I notice the numbers going down more with my weight loss I can go down to just 1 pill w/ dinner. I am really really happy about this.

On Friday I will be participating in my work's biometrics. It is part of our work wellness program. They will do a blood test for sugar and cholesterol and also measure blood pressure, weight, etc. Once I have the data I can enter it online to get a wellness score. I am hoping that the score will be better than every other year that I have entered data. The score goes from 0-100 with the lower the number the higher your risk. 0-70 is Very High, 70-80 is High, 80-90 is moderate and 90-100 is low risk. My 'best' score was 76. in 2008. I am looking forward to the numbers.

Now on to the not so good things.

Yesterday/Last night a storm system moved thru the area and about 2pm yesterday I started to feel the changes. It made me cranky, tired, and in a brain fog. These are all previews to getting a migraine. The lights started to hurt at work. I came home and had some dinner and then took a nap for almost 2 hours. So not a good thing. I did not take meds soon enough and woke up this morning in a complete pain fog. I could barely open my eyes it hurt so much. Time to bring out the prescription meds and call in to work. Keeping food down was a struggle and spent much of the morning in bed.

This afternoon has been better, but struggling with good food choices. Sometimes I get so fixated and frustrated on food. I just want to not have it be one of the first things I think about in the morning and one of the last things I think about at night. I want to have healthy choices become 2nd nature. I want to know what is better at restaurants. Heck I do know but sometimes just do not go with that choice. Today it was after driving JD and LM to work I wanted something for lunch. I thought about Qdoba but the parking lot was just too full. I ended up at Jimmy Johns. I ordered my usual and it is 820 calories. I am starting to beat myself up because I did not replace the mayo with mustard and that I got cheese. The sandwich could have been so much less in calories if I had just done those 2 things. I am trying to figure out if there is a reason I did not do that. Did I want to sabotage things? Now the bag of skinny chips is sitting beside me just mocking me. Why not just scarf those down as well? Does it even really matter?  I will work through these thoughts. It is just hard with still having the brain fog.

I am also starting to beat myself up over not going to work out last night and not going today. I know I need to recover from the migraine and that working out could cause a rebound. It has happened before. I am just so worried that if I do not go then I will stop going all together. Of course that is not the case because I have a workout partner LM who would get me back in to the gym. It is so great that she has joined. I also have my Tai Chi class that I have to go to since I paid for it. I will probably go thru the moves tonight at least 3-5 times and that will help center and calm me.

Now to help me get out of this funk I am going to end with some good things.

A couple of people at work as well as some family have noticed the weight loss.
I portioned out a bag of pistachios so I have another snack ready to take to work.
I do feel that I am getting stronger.
I found a cool website that has listed healthy menu items from multiple restaurants.
I am getting great ideas and tips from other bloggers that I have been reading.
My work's wellness website (say that 5 times fast) has a new feature this year. I think it will give me some great information along with the other parts of the site. 


  1. Thanks for posting that awesome link!!! I'm so going to use this! And don't beat yourself up too much, we all make slip ups. Learn, move on and make corrections the next Jimmy John's trip. Keep up thee great work!

  2. @Kimberly Your welcome. I love that you can search for places by zip code.

    It helped that I got it out in a post. I am also still under my calorie goal for each day so that is good. I had a veggie filled dinner.

  3. I love Jimmy John's - my favorite is the Beach Club. I get it without mayo and Unwiched (in a lettuce wrap instead of on bread) and that makes it under 200 calories! The lettuce is so crunchy and good - aw man, now I want some JJ!

  4. @oh_mg
    Since I love their bread it would be so hard to go in and get it as an Unwich.