Friday, April 15, 2011

Lunch At Waffle House

1st off a NSV- I was able to slide into the booth at Waffle House. Before we had been sitting at the counter since it was just too tight to squeeze into a booth. The booths are very hard plastic and no way to move them at all. (if you have ever been to waffle house you understand) Today I had a very visible reminder that I am getting smaller when we sat down. This was a good feeling.

Now some of you reading might be thinking what in the world was she doing at Waffle House? Isn't she on a diet? I personally see myself on a change of lifestyle. I am eating healthier and enjoying it very much. At times though I won't and I am ok with that. When my weight loss slows down or I have a plateau I will reevaluate what I am doing, but right now I am proud of what I am doing and how I am doing it. IT is working for me.

I would get the ham and cheese omelet plate with cheesy grits and a side of bacon. I would EAT all of it. A serving of the butter would be added to the grits. I would use 2 of the packets of jelly on my toast. Sometimes I would even have some of JD's toast or hashbrowns if he did not eat them.

I still ordered the ham and cheese omelet plate with cheesy grits and a side of bacon. I ate 1.5 pieces of the bacon and gave the rest to JD. I did not add the butter to the grits and only ate 1/2 the bowl. I had 1 slice of toast and jelly. I also left about 2 bites of the omelet.

I think with the changes I made I cut the calories in half compared to what I use to eat at WH. I am happy with that. I do not think I will want an afternoon snack since I am still full. Dinner will be sushi and a bunch of veggies. A workout is scheduled for tonight.


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